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The CCC has a team of expert scientists in diverse disciplines, and is always happy to talk with parties interested in collaborating on research and development in topics all along the cocoa value chain.
Current collaborators are listed below in alphabetical order.

Collaborations: Our Team
Arieli-Ag logo_edited.jpg

Arieli-Ag Ltd. works in development, planning and implementation of agricultural projects that support agricultural activities in West Africa. They are engaged with the CCC in developing R&D projects in Ghana.

Ben Shemen logo_edited.jpg

Ben Shemen Youth Village is a youth village and agricultural boarding school in central Israel active since 1927, and is renowned for its long tradition of student-centered education. The Ben Shemen Youth Village is the host of the CCC's main greenhouse facility.

Bumblebee logo_edited.jpg

The vision of Bumblebee AI is to provide data-driven artificial pollination solutions that will optimize growers yields by mimicking the natural pollination process and leveraging it through technology. CCC is serving as a beta site for Bumblebee AI's development of pollination solutions for cacao.

CRIG logo_edited_edited.jpg

CRIG is the research arm of the Cocoa Board, and aims to develop sustainable, cost-effective, socially and environmentally acceptable technologies for the cocoa industry and other crops. CRIG and the CCC are cooperating to develop solutions to the devastating Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) epidemic.

Cocobod Logo_edited.png

The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) is a Ghanaian government-controlled institution that fixes the buying price for cocoa in Ghana. Its functions center on production, research, extension, internal and external marketing and quality control. The Cocoa Board signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in cacao research via the parent organization of the CCC (Volcani Institute, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel).

Ginosar logo_edited.jpg

Ginosar Agro, an international agriculture company for over 30 years, operates an innovative tissue culture laboratory, hardening facilities and nurseries. Ginosar Agro and CCC are cooperating on developing cacao tissue culture methodologies.

GEI logo_edited_edited.jpg

Good Energy Initiative (GEI) is a Climate Changing Social Enterprise operating since 2006 which initiates and run projects within educational institutions, communities in Israel’s social and geographical periphery, NGOs, enterprises and businesses. GEI was instrumental in setting up the CCC and building the greenhouse at the Ben Shemen Youth Village, and plays an role in its day-to-day management.

ICL logo_edited.jpg

ICL Group Ltd. is a multi-national manufacturing concern that develops, produces and markets fertilizers, metals and other special-purpose chemical products. The Company serves primarily three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials. ICL is helping to support CCC research in cacao tree nutrition.

Strauss logo_edited.jpg

Strauss Group is among the largest food products manufacturers in Israel, focusing on dairy products, coffee, water, snacks (including chocolate), salads, and dips. Strauss Group supports CCC research in cacao tree nutrition, water use, and genetics.

Collaborations: List
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